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29 May - 30 Jun

The Peanuts Global Artist Collective Pop-up Store: K11 CLASSIC REBORN

By Localiiz 25 May 2020

Event Information

START DATE 29 May 2020
END DATE 30 Jun 2020
Atrium, K11 Art Mall (G/F)

K11 Art Mall presents the K11 CLASSICS REBORN project, showcasing over 40 poster prints and over 15 figurine styles featuring The Peanuts Global Artist Collective artwork by seven internationally-acclaimed artists to revisit a most-loved classic - the iconic PEANUTS comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. 

At the Peanuts Global Artist Collective Pop-up Store in K11 Atrium, shoppers can browse and buy Peanuts products including limited edition collectable figurines made by APPortfolio seen in the K11 CLASSICS REBORN experience and special items brought to you by K11 and APPortfolio. The limited-edition collectable figurines and lamps are brought to life using new materials including bronze and wood to create exclusive worlds first figurines as truly unique, valuable Peanuts collectables. With a range of expressive and edgy designs to suit different individual styles, Snoopy and friends transform from a beloved cartoon into stylish pieces to take home with you. Breaking through the borders of the original comic strip, visit the Peanuts Global Artist Collective Pop-Up Store to see how fun it is to enrich your home with modern, artistic Snoopy lifestyle essentials.


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