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01 Jun - 31 Jul

Opera Gallery Hong Kong showcases a new selection of artworks

By Localiiz 1 June 2020

Event Information

START DATE 01 Jun 2020
END DATE 31 Jul 2020
Opera Gallery, W Place, 52 Wyndham Street, Central

Opera Gallery Hong Kong has unveiled a new selection of artworks this month onwards, featuring two installation works by Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens, paintings by New Zealand artist Rob Tucker and other stellar works. Exhibited for the first time globally and created with acrylic, oil and pastel on board, the nine vibrant Tucker pieces are part of the ‘In That Container’ series completed this year. Sculptures by artists Pablo Atchugarry, Seo Young-Deok and Yoo Bong-Sang are also displayed on the first floor of the gallery.

Born in Belgium in 1951, Fred Eerdekens works in three dimensions, showcasing the interaction between language, material, light and shadow. His very sculptural body of work provides the impetus for a world which can only be imagined through words. The counterpart of light, the shadow tells a story of thoughts often unspoken. The narrative, expressing ideas such as hope or longing, is reduced to a single word or a lyric. Eerdeken’s artworks Halfway to eternity at last and This is the last “last words song” I’ll ever sing fully exemplify his unique practice, a study into the nature of language and words. 

“My sculptures are nonsensical without light. Light is absent in the shade, just like meaning is absent from the aluminium curlicues,” said Eerdekens.

A young artist from New Zealand, Rob Tucker generally depicts traditional subject-matter, such as still-life vignettes, cargo ships and urban landscapes. Most recently, subject matter reinterprets Renaissance still life; an overflowing vase, blossoming flowers, luscious fruits, etc. Within these confines, he is still free to push the boundaries of his aesthetic choices, resulting in big, bold and joyous paintings. His latest artworks include Organic vanilla ice creams are in that container, Smuggled Coca Cola cocktails inside that container, andTropical fruit salad with custard.

By showcasing this new selection of works, Opera Gallery offers an artistic landscape that celebrates the timeless expertise of the 20th Century Masters alongside the creative endeavour and sublime beauty of the Contemporary art world. A prestigious space is created, one that evokes colourful emotions alongside intelligent and unexpected artistic dialogues.

In July, Opera Gallery Hong Kong will also present the illuminating artwork by British-American artist Anthony James. Part of the showcase across Opera Gallery’s galleries in Asia, James is known for his monumental and futuristic works featuring LED and specialised glass. With his immersive repertoire of signature creations, imaginative and captivating sculptures become a visual demonstration of this artist’s expertise and technique when working with light.


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