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27 Feb - 28 Mar

Obangsaek: Indigo presented by Soluna Fine Art

By Localiiz 14 February 2020

Event Information

START DATE 27 Feb 2020
END DATE 28 Mar 2020
Soluna Fine Art, G/F, 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

The gallery will exhibit eight artists from Korea: Choi Myoung Young, Choi Sun, Jang Young-Sook, Kim Woo Young, Kim Yongchul, Lee Kyouhong, Park Jisook, and Park Yoon-Kyung: vary in age, background and medium, the artists apply the colour indigo into their works with different intentions and motives. The exhibition title comes from the traditional Korean colour spectrum (the Five-Orientation-Colour), often seen in folk arts and traditional textile patterns, and represents the Yin-Yang and Five Elements theories. Obangsaek: Indigo starts from 27 February to 28 March.

The colour indigo or blue is associated with the element wood and the direction east. In the Korean flag, this colour symbolizes “Eum” or “Yin”, which is “cool, feminine” energy. The “Eum” energy is associated with the moon and is passive, yielding and receptive, which also inspired the name of this gallery Soluna (luna, moon feminine noun in Spanish). Indigo/blue is balanced by red in the Korean flag. While red represents the passionate energy of life, indigo/blue represents its opposite, silence and calming energy. This exhibition will be part of the Obangsaek Series, a series of five exhibitions aim to explore and analyze art works constructed with the Five-Orientation-Colour, all created by emerging and established Korean contemporary artists.


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