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06 Feb - 08 Mar

LOVE POWER: Muse of Love through the eyes of XU ZHEN

By Localiiz 11 February 2020

Event Information

START DATE 06 Feb 2020
END DATE 08 Mar 2020
K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

XU ZHEN® is a multimedia artist whose body of work includes photography, sculpture, painting, and videoart. The exhibition “Under Heaven and Here on Earth” features three of his most iconic works and payshomage to the artist’s oeuvre that blends pop cultural references with the human psyche and emotions.

Under Heaven -2801PR0176” is the artist’s most internationally recognised piece, a visceral expressionof true love as shown by the explosion of florals and pastel hues, made to look like fresh cream withsweetness laid bare. “Eternity-Northern Qi painted Bodhisattva, River God Ilissos from West Pediment ofParthenon” combines Eastern and Western ideologies to create a brand-new narrative that is inspired bythe eternal love story of kismet and how opposites attract. Last but not least, “Double Nature” representsthe different stages of falling in love. This scene is a depiction of two individuals whose actions highlightthe intensity of their romantic relationship, meanwhile the title of the work is a description of theirphysical appearance, as well as a reference to their carnal emotions and heated embrace.

Each of these works represent the different stages of individuals falling in love, emphasizing the romanticunion of soulmates coming together, and the happily ever after that completes every love story. K11MUSEA invites couples to experience the feeling of falling in love all over again amidst the lush foliage ofthe Bohemian Garden and the scenic background of Victoria Harbour.


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