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31 Oct - 28 Nov

Yama Foundation: Accessible Well-being Community event series

By Localiiz 23 October 2020

Event Information

START DATE 31 Oct 2020
END DATE 28 Nov 2020
Locations across Hong Kong
(+852) 5507 0268

Yama Foundation is hosting a series of events featuring workshops and inclusive recreation activities aimed at promoting community-based resources for persons with disabilities (PWD) and special education needs (SEN) throughout November.

The inaugural Accessible Well-being Community event series will kick off with an invitation-only launch event on 31 October at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. which will feature a keynote and panel discussion on well-being and community in uncertain times. Beginning on 7 November, the Accessible Well-being Community events will be held over four consecutive Saturdays. Open to the public, events will include will workshops, talks, and demonstrations linked to accessible, inclusive, and adaptive activities such as yoga, dance, career counselling, mindfulness, and more. Detailed programme and tickets are available at

Yama Foundation is an IRD Section 88 tax-exempt charity whose mission is to make yoga, arts, and meditation accessible to underserved and disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong. For more information on the Foundation and its work, please visit


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