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19 Oct - 19 Jan

Lify Wellness Club pop-up in Central

By Localiiz 4 November 2021

Event Information

START DATE 19 Oct 2021
END DATE 19 Jan 2022
98 Wellington Street, Central

Lify Wellness is launching its first home-brewed wellness superdrink Sparkling Tea Tonics, introducing four flavours that each come with their own health benefits at the Lify Wellness Club pop-up at 98 Wellington Street in Central. Brewed with all-natural herbal formulas, these sugar-free, carbonated beverages incorporate daily doses of vitamin C and collagen, and can be enjoyed pre and post-workout, or on the go.

With the pop-up taking place for three months starting from 19 October, guests will get a chance to try the four refreshing tonics, including Energy with turmeric and ginseng, Unwind with hibiscus and blood orange, Skin Radiance with matcha and rose, and Recover with oolong and goji. These ready-to-drink Sparkling Tea Tonics are made from superherbs and natural plants with oriental roots, and provide an energy-boosting and refreshing beverage that supports consumers in getting through a busy day.

In addition to the sparkling tea tonics, you’ll also find other Lify specialty drinks, such as probiotics boosts, fruit and juice-tea mixes, alongside exclusive Lify branded merchandise like curated wellness gift boxes and designer glass cups at the pop-up. To pair with your drink, healthy food menus such as the Vegan Lunch Set, Gut Health Lunch Set, and Sports Meal Pack will be available as well!


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