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20 Aug - 17 Sep

Karin Weber Gallery presents: “[uk1] [lau6] [pin1] [fung4] [lin4] [ye2] [yu5]“ by Go Hung

By Localiiz 19 August 2022

Event Information

START DATE 20 Aug 2022
END DATE 17 Sep 2022
Karin Weber Gallery, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central

Karin Weber Gallery is hosting Hong Kong-based artist Go Hung’s first exhibition. Titled “[uk1] [lau6] [pin1] [fung4] [lin4] [ye2] [yu5],” a Cantonese colloquialism which roughly translates to “It never rains but pours,” the exhibition presents a new body of work inspired by the day-to-day challenges faced by underprivileged members of society since the pandemic. Recycled materials from the streets like used paper and hotel soap bars are repurposed into installations. The exhibition reflects the artist’s engagement with social inequality in his own artistic practice. A share of proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong.


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