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07 Jul - 16 Jul


By Localiiz 9 July 2020

Event Information

START DATE 07 Jul 2020
END DATE 16 Jul 2020
LANDMARK ATRIUM / Shop 116A / Shop B 10

Hosted by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) and sponsored by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), “JUXTAPOSED 2020 officially opened at Hong Kong's most iconic high-end fashion complex LANDMARK on 7 July 2020. From this day until 16 July 2020, for ten consecutive days, audiences can visit “JUXTAPOSED 2020 Fashion Exhibition and Limited Concept Store to appreciate HKFDA display, in a very forward-looking manner, the works of 75 Hong Kong fashion designers, and reveal the possibilities in the future development of Hong Kong fashion.

Following the solemn and straightforward award ceremony, Ms Bonita Cheung, curator of "JUXTAPOSED 2020", explained the theme of the exhibition: "Inheriting Tradition, Connecting Technology, and Stepping into the Future", to Secretary Yau and the attending guests. She also led the group of guests on a visit of LANDMARK Atrium, and the two limited concept stores opened at Basement B 10 and 116A on the first floor. They appreciated the works of 75 Hong Kong fashion designers and shared the outstanding results of local fashion design that stand side by side with international brands.

The concept stores located in the LANDMARK Atrium and B 10 predominantly shows avant-garde fashion, as well as original items that are stylish, beautiful, and practical. The concept store located at 116A on the first floor mainly features the high-end custom-made evening gowns that the Hong Kong fashion industry has enjoyed for many years.


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