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30 Apr - 30 Apr

Jazz Age II Party: This Side of Paradise

By Jenny Leung 23 April 2019

Event Information

START DATE 30 Apr 2019
END DATE 30 Apr 2019
2 Lower Albert Road, Central
To celebrate the end of Fringe Club's four-year-long project, "Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe", Fringe Club is holding an exciting jazz party on International Jazz Day, April 30. Fully decked out in sparkling crystal decoration, the venue will be transformed into an extravagant jazz paradise. Featuring live music from seven renowned local jazz bands,  a photo exhibition, and plenty of 1920s-themed cocktails, this party guarantees to have your fingers snapping all night long. Dress code:  Ladies - Bangles & Beads, Fringes & Fascinators Gents - Hats (Panama or Fedora) & Dancing Shoes

Jenny Leung

Senior editor

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Jenny grew up with the best of both worlds. She loves just about anything to do with music and doesn’t shy away from belting out a tune or two when it comes to karaoke. If she’s not out and about exploring the city and practising her photography skills, she’s probably tucked up in bed with a book or glued to her laptop doing her online shopping.