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21 Mar - 30 Apr

Forgotten by Six Balinese Artists

By Localiiz 10 March 2020

Event Information

START DATE 21 Mar 2020
END DATE 30 Apr 2020
Unit A, 4/F, Kin Teck Industrial Building, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Road

“For over 17 years, I’m inherited with rolls of unknown artworks stored in the corner of the gallery warehouse. Longing that one day someone will knock my door to reclaim the paintings, one rainy afternoon I peeped in the corner, finally unrolled them.

Like traveling through time, the hidden gems from those unknown artists brought me back to 17 years ago when I started Sin Sin Fine Art. It took a little research and asking around to traced back their creators and reconnect with them. Here, I’m so excited to share the works of six Balinese artists who represent the diverse narratives of Balinese art through their unique personal lens.” – Sin Sin Man

Among those Balinese artists, each one of them has developed their own visual language to communicate the interplay of their consciousness and the blended Indonesian culture and spirituality. Those artists also rejected the monotonous image of contemporary art: Three of them were in the Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, the artists collective encourages forward-looking experimentations to navigate their artistic identities through the negotiation of western art theories, the richness of the ethical and spiritual practices in Bali, and the political turbulence in a young republic.


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