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18 Feb - 28 Feb

Pirata Group presents: “Drinks on Us”

By Localiiz 20 February 2021

Event Information

START DATE 18 Feb 2021
END DATE 28 Feb 2021
Locations across Hong Kong

Celebrate the return of experiential dining with Pirata Group! From now until 28 February, the popular restaurant group presents “Drinks on Us,” where dine-in guests who order the tasting menu from any participating Pirata Group restaurant can enjoy a complimentary free-flow with their meal (available from Sundays through Thursdays for dinner, and Mondays to Thursdays for lunch). 

Participating Pirata Group restaurants include Tokyolima, Honjo, TMK: Punk & Rolls, Chaiwala, Meats, Pirata, and The Optimist, so you’re covered for comforting Italian flavours, modern Barcelonian fare, innovative Nikkei dishes, vibrant Japanese cuisine, and much more.


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