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17 Mar - 17 Mar

Chef Corey Riches and Peggy Chan presents: “2021 Dinner with Corey” at BEDU

By Localiiz 4 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 17 Mar 2021
END DATE 17 Mar 2021
BEDU, G/F, 40 Gough Street, Central
(+852) 2320 4450

Ringing in Earth Hour this year, renowned chef Corey Riches has partnered up with founder of Grassroots Initiative Peggy Chan to create and present to you a food waste-friendly and thought-provoking six-dish feast. Each course has been created with impactful solutions to potentially reduce the world’s carbon footprint in mind.

Kick off your night with a spicy Zero Waste Tonic of fresh spices and homemade syrup topped with soda water, while snacking on a rework of BEDU’s signature Mezze platter favourites that have been modified to wane out exposure to refrigerants. Continuing on with the dips, the next course centres around reducing food waste, featuring a rustic carrot hummus with vegetables. Follow it up with a Silvopasture vegetable bouillon in addition to the rich flavours of Plant Rich Diet Lebanese quinoa inspired by ancient farming practices and the seasoned depths of delicious meat-free cuisine, respectively. Round off the savoury dishes with the Clean Energy mille-feuille of layered black garlic and poached cabbage, before ending the night on a sweet note with the Tropical Forest Restoration themed dessert of artisanal guava and cacao husk tea ice cream.

This special dinner is on for one night only, priced at $680 per person, with dinner seatings available for 6 pm or 8 pm at North African and Middle-Eastern dining concept BEDU. It is the first of Chef Corey’s dinner series, which will introduce more themed events later on during the year, including Sustainable Seafood on Friday 18 June, Meat with a Conscience on Tuesday 19 October, culminating in the Platinum Dinner on 31 December. Bookings are allowed for groups of two maximum, requiring notice at least 48 hours in advance. A credit card hold of $150 is charged upon registration, alongside a 24-hour cancellation policy. You may find the registration by clicking here.


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