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18 Aug - 23 Oct

Esprit presents: “Love, Esprit” pop-up

By Localiiz 3 October 2022

Event Information

START DATE 18 Aug 2022
END DATE 23 Oct 2022
22–24 Russell Street, Causeway Bay

Esprit’s three-storey pop-up, “Love, Esprit,” marks the return of the lifestyle and fashion brand to the city. The project combines art installations, interactive games, and Esprit’s new collections to create an immersive love letter to Hong Kong. The pop-up also serves as a showcase of Esprit’s history and its future. 

The journey starts from the Joy Department, where you first see a large sculpture of Joy the dolphin in origami style. Over at the Heritage Gallery are treasured images from Esprit’s archives, while the Fashion Closet exhibits Esprit’s new collection. Finally, the Joyground features neon lights that echo the ones seen on Hong Kong’s streets. The space also has a rotation of local cafés for a limited time, offering signature drinks and delicacies on the go.


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