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17 Feb - 07 Jul

Livin Farms presents: “Misplaced” online webinar series

By Localiiz 21 January 2021

Event Information

START DATE 17 Feb 2021
END DATE 07 Jul 2021
(+852) 5575 9174

Navigate the maze of our food system and find your way back to a healthy relationship with food! Hosted by Livin Farms, “Misplaced” is an online webinar series featuring a line-up of international industry professionals leading 30-minute conversations on food waste, sustainability, agriculture, and more. Spanning over the next few months, the series will involve discussions with 24 speakers over 20 dates from 11 different countries.

The aim of these bite-sized conversations is also to promote the idea that sustainability finds its way into unique opportunities—in terms of jobs, careers, and fields. You don’t have to be restricted to environmental science, nutrition, or tech to be in sustainability, which is why “Misplaced” will have a diverse set of speakers with unique backgrounds proving this point. They are all contributing towards making a positive change and will be sharing how their solutions will correct an obvious misalignment in our systems. 

Whether you’re a sustainability novice or pro, the series is suitable for anyone looking to learn more about engaging in and promoting changes in behaviour that everybody can achieve. Register now and tune in live on YouTube at the given time and date!


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