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17 Jan - 16 Feb

Disruptive Matter and The New York Times: Carbon’s Casualties

By Localiiz 14 January 2020

Event Information

START DATE 17 Jan 2020
END DATE 16 Feb 2020
HACC-L2, K11 Atelier King's Road, 728 King's Road, Quarry Bay

To kick start the new year, K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is thrilled to present Disruptive Matter, a group exhibition on sustainable design innovations, and The New York Times: Carbon’s Casualties, a collection of award-winning climate photography, at HACC, a brand-new multi-purpose art space in K11 ATELIER King’s Road from 17 January to 16 February 2020.

K11 ATELIER King’s Road is a triple platinum-certified sustainable building with green and wellness features. As the opening to HACC’s art and cultural programmes, the exhibitions run concurrently together with a series of educational programmes, seek to inspire ruminations about humans’ increasing ecological footprint on the planet, while at the same time offer creative, workable solutions that will help alleviate the pressing environmental issues in our time.


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