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16 Dec - 16 Dec

Young Soy Gallery presents: “Flesh & Bones” group exhibition

By Localiiz 23 November 2021

Event Information

START DATE 16 Dec 2021
END DATE 16 Dec 2021
The Wilshire, 1/F, 11 Davis Street, Kennedy Town
(+852) 6079 4775

Image courtesy of Young Soy Gallery and Alyssa Tang. 

On 16 December, Young Soy Gallery will proudly present “Flesh and Bones,” an exhibition featuring the works of Benson Koo, Richard Phipson, and Alyssa Tang. 

These three artists explore themes that relate to the human body, and what lies beyond. Tang’s works focus on the exploration of the body, and highlight the beauty found in its forms, colours, and textures. Koo focuses on eerie, skeletal figures as a means of self-reflection. Lastly, Phipsons’s works, although predominantly abstract, feature a skull motif to signify our mortality, and the unseen that exists within all of us. 

Even though the works by these three artists come together harmoniously, much of the allure lies in the unseen. This “unseen” is constructed of the artists’ ideology, and each of their respective creative processes of what they are trying to communicate while simultaneously veiling motives so that the viewers can participate with their own interpretations. 


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