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09 Apr - 09 May

WOAW Gallery presents: “Stay Tuned...” curated by Sasha Bogojev

By Localiiz 13 April 2021

Event Information

START DATE 09 Apr 2021
END DATE 09 May 2021
WOAW Gallery, 9 Queens Road Central, Central

WOAW Gallery presents its inaugural group show “Stay Tuned…” at their new gallery space, 9 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong. On view from 9 April to 9 May 2021, this exhibition is curated by a long-time friend of the gallery, Sasha Bogojev from Juxtapoz Magazine.

Staying tuned was at the same time never easier and never harder than it is nowadays. With fast and direct access to any news source, archive, store, or any person anywhere on the globe, the challenge of following something through has never been greater. And in the world of arts this means immediate access to artists’ studios, galleries, or museums globally, and the ability to closely observe the evolutions of new styles, births of new aesthetics, developments of new techniques, and first-hand experience of unravelling art history.

In this regard, WOAW Gallery joined together five artists, Bas De Wit, Rhys Lee, Shannon Peel, Christopher Regner, and Aaron Elvis Jupin, whose practices are not only keeping up with the current times, but are hinting about things to come. The purpose of WOAW Gallery is to provide a platform for artists, curators and collectors to appreciate art. So, stay tuned…


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