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28 Apr - 30 May

Woaw Gallery presents: “Huddle Around” by Sun-Kyo Park

By Localiiz 20 May 2022

Event Information

START DATE 28 Apr 2022
END DATE 30 May 2022
Woaw Gallery, 5, Sun Street, Wan Chai

Hosted by Woaw Gallery, “Huddle Around” is a solo exhibition featuring works by contemporary South Korean painter Sun-Kyo Park. He draws from childhood experiences that brought him closer to his family and surrounding community to inspire his surrealistic acrylic portraits. To Park, the word “huddle” conjures up his time spent performing “district worship” as part of his religious upbringing, and the basic human need for warmth, which manifests itself in today’s society through a metaphysical manner of interpersonal entanglements. Fall into the gaze of his soulful portraiture based on the artist himself, his acquaintances, and even strangers, at Woaw Gallery from now until 30 May. 


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