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17 May - 31 Oct

Villepin presents: Myonghi Kang exhibition

By Localiiz 21 April 2021

Event Information

START DATE 17 May 2021
END DATE 31 Oct 2021
Villepin, G-2/F, 53-55 Hollywood Road, Central
(+852) 3709 0913

Villepin is pleased to announce their latest exhibition featuring works by the Korean artist Myonghi Kang, on view from 17 May to October 2021. The works in the exhibition vary dramatically in scale yet they share an immediacy that results from the artist’s familiar and fluent engagement with oils and pastels. The gallery will be transformed into a meditative sanctuary to complement the artist’s work, providing a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and allowing visitors to become immersed in her visual language.

For over five decades, Myonghi Kang has continuously sought new ways to represent nature on paper and canvas in a practice that involves painting, poetry, as well as philosophy. The artist‘s idyllic canvases offer an intimate view into the elusive heart of her artistic pursuit: a faith in painting and drawing as a medium capable of profoundly reinforcing our relationship with the natural world. Moving with ease between abstraction and figuration, the artist reflects on questions of perception, embodiment, and understanding while offering viewers a new experience of time, space, and colour. Through cosmic landscapes, her command of colours, marks and shapes convey a sense of exuberance, peace, and joy.


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