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06 Feb - 21 Mar

Tomorrow Maybe presents: “Manifest Ephemeral” by Ophelia Jacarini

By Localiiz 29 January 2021

Event Information

START DATE 06 Feb 2021
END DATE 21 Mar 2021
4/F, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan

Tomorrow Maybe gallery is pleased to present “Manifest Ephemeral,” a solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Ophelia Jacarini on the transitory states of gestures found within dance choreography.

“Manifest Ephemeral” places emphasis on the importance of brief moments of the unseen found in the process of dance performance; a culmination of printed photography, sculptural and video installation created to convey a durable lasting moment. Without the element of dance performance, the visual process and result do not exist.

Following Ophelia’s progressive artworks and solo exhibitions over the years, “Manifest Ephemeral” is an extensive continuation on the evolutionary study and process of figure, form and suspension of time in dance movement. During a time of global uncertainty, Ophelia Jacarini invites the public to be fully present in the certainty of the moment captured in her immersive and experiential visual art.


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