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18 Dec - 06 Feb

Tomorrow Maybe presents: “No Kids Allowed” exhibition

By Localiiz 3 January 2022

Event Information

START DATE 18 Dec 2021
END DATE 06 Feb 2022
Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan
(+852) 2710 1947

Located in Eaton HK, contemporary art gallery Tomorrow Maybe presents itself as an experimental playground for emerging Hong Kong artists to embody their artistic visions. This time around, they’ve invited seven young local artists working in different mediums ranging from poetry to painting, sculpture to photography and beyond to answer social issues and question the status quo in the group exhibition “No Kids Allowed.” By restoring a non-mediated connection between human and art, the exhibition creates a gateway to a collective imagination of a better future.

Entering the exhibition, works by Clara Wong and Sam Siu are on the left. Clara’s self-satirical installations play with toilet humour and unpack the emotional baggage of the artist whilst Sam Siu's photographs document dangerous yet fun cycling times with subcultural kids in abandoned and rural spaces in Hong Kong. 

The centrepiece of the exhibition, “I should not be able to find an old friend this easily” by Ringo Lo Wing Tao and Tam Man Ching searches for the romance of the unknown in the age of internet communication with their collaborative video installation. Next to it is Jessica Chan’s work, “Joy” which expresses an awakened state of her consciousness through her punk-vibe lions and a rebellious graffitied backdrop. Deep inside the exhibition, Sin Wong’s cactus-centric piece, “I Have Become Blind Ever Since the Frog Jumped to my Face∏ explores danger and aggression whilst 3D graphics and a video installation by Eric Pang strives to spark imagination of the future through its sci-fi narrative.


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