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26 Feb - 09 Apr

Rossi & Rossi presents: Kesang Lamdark exhibition

By Localiiz 24 February 2022

Event Information

START DATE 26 Feb 2022
END DATE 09 Apr 2022
Rossi & Rossi, G/F, 195 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
(+852) 2730 2877

Opening on 26 February 2022 at Rossi & Rossi Hollywood Road, “Kesang Lamdark” is a solo exhibition highlighting the eponymous artist’s oeuvre from the past decade. Born in Dharamsala to Tibetan parents and raised in Switzerland, Kesang Lamdark has one foot in the East and the other in the West; this exhibition reflects Lamdark’s ongoing negotiation with his Tibetan heritage in a multicultural environment. 

Lamdark’s vast repertoire ranges from melted plastic, beer cans, and light boxes to both recycled and upcycled readymades. The artist often utilises traditional images derived from Tibetan folklore and religion, reworking and blending them with icons from industrial and consumerist cultures. 

The exhibition highlights works that embody Lamdark’s approach to internalising his ancestry, along with its various cultural traditions, into an idiosyncratic, contemporary language that constantly evolves with the changing times.


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