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10 Dec - 26 Dec

G.O.D. x Young Soy Gallery presents: “The Bridge to Triumph”

By Localiiz 8 December 2020

Event Information

START DATE 10 Dec 2020
END DATE 26 Dec 2020
G.O.D Gallery at PMQ, SG03–G07, G/F, 35 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan
(+852) 6079 4775

Young Soy Gallery, in collaboration with Goods of Desire, is launching “The Bridge to Triumph,” a pop-up exhibition to showcase three talented Hong Kong artists. Free to the public, this display will run from 10 to 26 December at the G.O.D. Gallery in PMQ.

The exhibition showcases a transition from figurative to abstract. Ross Turpin uses a few main colours: red, turquoise, white, and black to paint some faces with dark underlying tones. Tyler Jackson Pritchard paints the outlines of faces, covered by more abstract lines and geometric shapes. In contrast to Turpin and Pritchard, Gedvile Bunikyte’s art is abstract, without even the suggestion of a face or figure. The transition from one to the other suggests a parallel transition from internal struggle to triumph. It provides dialogue from close-minded to clear-headed, from artist to viewer, and from viewer to themselves.

This exhibition on visual forms of expression comes at a crucial point in a year that has repeatedly fuelled isolation and forced self-reflection. It hopes that through engaging with these different works, the audience will continue this reflection and work towards lucidity, and ultimately their own triumph.


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