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26 Sep - 31 Dec

Crafts on Peel presents: “Imagine the ‘Im’possibilities Bamboo”

By Localiiz 17 September 2020

Event Information

START DATE 26 Sep 2020
END DATE 31 Dec 2020
11 Peel Street, Central
(+852) 2510 0637

Immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities and creativity of bamboo! Introducing you to the world of traditional bamboo craftsmanship, Crafts on Peel’s first thematic exhibition, “Imagine the ‘Im’possibilities Bamboo,” presents the works of 10 artisans from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, whose practices specialise in reinventing the traditions of bamboo craft. The exhibition and accompanying programming will run from 26 September through to 31 December 2020.

The exhibition takes visitors on an interactive journey divided into three key sections that explore the utilitarian elements, contemporary aesthetics, and traditional craftsmanship of bamboo. Each section draws attention to the texture, form, and natural qualities of bamboo, as well as the processes and historical context that have shaped our engagement with the material over thousands of years.


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