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24 Sep - 11 Oct

Blue Lotus Gallery presents: “Happy Together” by Wing Shya

By Localiiz 23 September 2020

Event Information

START DATE 24 Sep 2020
END DATE 11 Oct 2020
Blue Lotus Gallery, G/F, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan

Art has a way of stirring emotions deep inside our souls, and local artist Wing Shya is a master when it comes to capturing or amplifying particular human emotions and atmospheres. From 24 September to 11 October, Wing Shya is presenting his exhibition entitled “Happy Together” at Blue Lotus Gallery, bringing in new life and new perspectives to the present moment.

2020 has been an emotionally challenging year, to say the least. People have been separated from their loved ones or forced to be together, experiencing intense feelings of loneliness and intimacy. Shya expertly expresses these core human feelings in his work. He pictures the tactile tension that exists between lovers: togetherness, intimacy, or the hint of the erotic about to unfold. Or he frames the extreme opposite: the deep longing for love and connection, loneliness, and isolation. Either way, there often is a sense of time being suspended. As if reality is slowing down and standing still in time. There is a strong sense of “waiting.” A feeling that something dramatic is about to happen.


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