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02 Feb - 21 Feb

Atelier Phyl presents: “Under One’s Hat”

By Localiiz 5 February 2021

Event Information

START DATE 02 Feb 2021
END DATE 21 Feb 2021
Zoee Select, Unit S310, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

Hong Kong-based millinery Atelier Phyl presents its first exhibition “Under One’s Hat,” curated by founder and designer Phoebe Leung, who presents more than 25 headpieces that explore the creative process of hat-making and the relationship between materials and craftsmanship. The exhibition will be open from now until 21 February 2021 at Unit S310, PMQ.

“Under One’s Hat” responds to many’s curiosity about hat-making, and presents Atelier Phyl’s focus on materials manipulation. The exhibition explores straw, as one of the traditional hat-making materials in its transformation from plant to fibres. Some of the pieces also represent Atelier Phyl’s iconic straw hat design through the years, from historical-style bonnet, oversized swirl boater, effortless fedora, and some of the latest creations. The centrepiece will take form as a live installation during the exhibition period.

A pop-up store at the exhibition will feature the latest collection “Till Death Do Us Part.” Inspired by the profound love between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, whose sudden death sent the queen into great sadness, and donned black in mourning for the rest of her life. The collection pays homage to this tragic romance by taking details from the queen’s mourning fashion, such as embellishments, trimming, and the timeless colour black in a classic approach.


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