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27 Mar - 12 Apr

ArtisTree Presents: Urban Playground

By Jenny Leung 29 March 2019

Event Information

START DATE 27 Mar 2019
END DATE 12 Apr 2019
Taikoo Place, Cambridge House, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay
ArtisTree is back with yet another jaw-dropping art exhibition. Curated by two of Europe’s most creative artists, L’Atlas and Willi Dorner, this exhibition will turn the whole art space into a giant, life-size labyrinth of artworks. Featuring stunning visual arts, photography, and performing arts, the exhibition showcases the two artists’ unique perspective on treating urban spaces as their creative “playground”, and completely reinvents the idea, as well as the relationship, between city dwellers and art. There will also be special bar services inside the exhibition, and a gelato truck at Taikoo Place for everyone to enjoy. Art, wine, and gelato – what more do you need?

Jenny Leung

Senior editor

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Jenny grew up with the best of both worlds. She loves just about anything to do with music and doesn’t shy away from belting out a tune or two when it comes to karaoke. If she’s not out and about exploring the city and practising her photography skills, she’s probably tucked up in bed with a book or glued to her laptop doing her online shopping.