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18 Jul - 19 Sep

Anthem of Calamus: Lam Tian Xing

By Localiiz 8 July 2020

Event Information

START DATE 18 Jul 2020
END DATE 19 Sep 2020
Illuminati Fine Art, 31-33 Hollywood Road, Central

Illuminati Fine Art presents a solo exhibition of the established contemporary ink artist Lam Tian Xing. Titled Anthem of Calamus, the exhibition showcases more than 30 new works created over the past two years. Lam Tian Xing is famous for his paintings of lotuses, yet for the first time ever, this exhibition will focus on works that take the calamus plant as a central theme. The artist’s focus on this plant, which represents a sign of strength, health and energy, acts as a blessing and support to Hong Kong and other regions in view of the ongoing pandemic. The exhibition runs from 18 July to 19 September 2020.

Calamus was originally a spiritual grass used to prevent epidemics and evict demons in Chinese traditional culture. In ancient times, when people studied at night, often a pot of calamus was placed nearby, imbuing the plant with a poetic quality. Lam’s subject has recently shifted from the lotus to calamus – two plants beloved by the Chinese literati that grow in similar environments – to call on the latter’s strength, spirit and the healing power of art.


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