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You’ll Never Look at Mr. Softee the Same Way Again

Spanish tourist Rafa Zubiria shares the story behind this intimate and haunting look at Hong Kong that earned him a Vimeo Staff Pick. We guarantee you’ll never look at Mr. Softee the same way again!

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I went to Hong Kong to see a friend. Initially, I was expecting to be there for some weeks, but then I extended the stay. Whoa! The whole city is very inspiring. From the endless buildings to the quiet reservoirs. Such an amazing contrast. I usually take photos, but at that point I wanted to try video.

As the days went by, my mind started to build a tone for the footage. Back in those days, the cinemas were showing ‘Her’. The soundtrack amazed me. I usually went shooting the streets, listening to its songs. I guess the video, somehow, is touched by that too.

I like to explore the back-rooms of cities. When I go to a new one, I spend the first days visiting the tourist spots. But I find it difficult to be inspired by these places. Though, the Peak is quite something, I have to say. Then I go to random places. Start at some point, and keep walking with the camera hanging on my shoulder. See what happens, usually stopping for a coffee (or fishball stick), and keep going.

Most of the days, I went back home without any remarkable footage. But there were a few times when magic happened in front of the camera: a silent dock at blue hour, or the wind rising unexpectedly when crossing a makeshift bamboo bridge.


Check out more of Rafa’s work on his website and Instagram.

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