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Where to Find the Best Egg Waffles in Hong Kong

Egg waffles, or “gai daan zai” in Cantonese, are one of Hong Kong’s most prized possessions. These chewy, golden-yellow, iconic Hong Kong street snacks are an indelible part of every Hongkonger’s childhood. As legend has it, the egg waffle was invented in the 1950s when a grocery store owner received a poorly packaged shipment of broken eggs, and instead of throwing them away, decided to use them to make a snack instead. The result was a pancake-like sheet of little round balls, and thus it was dubbed “gai daan zai”, which literally translates to little eggs in Cantonese. With so many different egg waffle shops popping up in Hong Kong, we decided to round up our top five choices of the best around the city.

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egg waffles
Photo from @oddiesfoodies

1. Oddies Foodies

Oddies in Central has perfected their genius pairing of the much-loved local street food egg waffle with Italian low-fat gelato. Their aesthetically pleasing bestseller, Night Wolf, combines chocolate chip flavoured egg waffles that are crispy on the outside, and oh-so-soft on the inside, with passion fruit pannacotta, brownie bites, as well as a swirl of chocolate and vanilla soft-serve gelato. This delectable eye-candy has taken Instagram by storm since it was first introduced, and is the ultimate treat-yourself dessert.

Oddies Foodies, 45 Gough St, Central

Egg waffles
Photo from @kn.t21

2. Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles

Opened in 1991, this Michelin star establishment has over five branches around the city, with the Tsim Sha Tsui branch being the most popular. Selling only plain flavoured egg waffle, Lee Keung Kee specialises in doing the classic, original flavoured snack to perfection. Lee Keung Kee is most famous for its unique egg batter, which uses Beijing eggs to create a stronger egg fragrance and flavour, making them different from any other ordinary egg waffles around town.

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles, 492 King’s Road, North Point

egg waffle
Photo from @hkfoodlover

3. Mammy Pancake

Mammy Pancake pioneered the trend of egg waffles with different flavoured fillings. The owner of this popular joint is a former banker, who after experimenting with making egg waffles with different fillings for her son, decided to open up a shop! This Michelin-recommended shop offers a large variety of carefully selected flavours. From the crowd-pleasing chocolate chip flavour, and the classic banana-chocolate combination, to more innovative fillings such as pork floss, sesame, or even sweet potato, Mammy Pancake’s egg waffles are always fresh, fluffy, and chewy.

Mammy Pancake, 8-12 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

more egg waffles
Photo from @twohungrypeasinapod

4. More Eggettes

More Eggettes is most famous for its signature “Taro Starry” egg waffle – taro flavoured egg waffles with a carefully placed Honey Stars cereal in the middle of each waffle puff. Apart from the eye-catching “Taro Starry”, the shop also offers other delicious flavours with interesting ingredients such as Taiwanese pineapple shortcake, chocolate with Honey Star cereal, curry pork floss, orange chocolate, and many more, giving the classic Hong Kong snack a unique twist. Moreover, tea lovers will be excited to hear that More Eggettes also recently partnered up with tea company, Lipton, to offer us crispy Lipton milk tea flavoured egg waffles with egg custard fillings.

More Eggettes, Shop C18, 2/F, Kwai Chung Plaza, 7 Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Fong

egg waffles
Photo from @siuman0311

5. Tai O Egg Waffle Uncle

In far-out Tai O, a cool uncle donning sunglasses and a vest can be found making egg waffles over a traditional charcoal stove. His choice of staying true to the old-fashioned ways isn’t simply a gimmick, it’s actually to ensure that each egg waffle can come out with a crispy, smoky texture, while maintaining a soft inside. The long queue of people lining up all the way down to the end of the street, day in and day out, is proof that the long trek to Tai O is definitely worth it.

Tai O Egg Waffle Uncle, 59 Kat Hing Street, Tai O

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