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Where to Find Hong Kong’s Best Bubble Tea Shops

Bubble milk tea has garnered a cult-like following in Hong Kong, with new shops popping up in every corner of every neighbourhood almost routinely. From traditional favourites to customisable creations, here are a few of the best spots for bubble tea in Hong Kong.


The self-proclaimed pioneer of the delicious and wildly-popular cheese-cap tea trend, HeyTea, offers high-quality tea topped with rich, salty cheese in an ingenious way. The mega-chain first gained widespread popularity on the Mainland, and has since spread to four different locations around Hong Kong, with people queueing for hours just for a sip of their addictive cheese-cap tea, refreshing fruit tea, or bubble teas.

Hey Tea, locations vary.


Cha Long, literally translating to Tea Wolf, uses innovative brewing techniques and only the best tea leaves from Asia. They are best known for their handcrafted artisanal tea blends, and their popular “Fresh Fruit Cha” comes in eight refreshing, fruity flavours for you to choose from. If you prefer something sweeter and more savoury, go for their “Sea Salted Cream Cheese Milk Cap Cha”.

Cha Longlocations vary.

Photo credits: @maaavisxfood

Charles Tea Bar

Treat your tastebuds to a wide variety of Taiwanese teas at one of Hong Kong’s hottest tea vendors, Charles Tea Bar. Order the standard bubble milk tea with sweet potato and taro pearls, or try pairing the different pears with fruity milk instead. The brand’s refreshing floral bottled cold brews are also a must-try.

Charles Tea Bar, locations vary.

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Photo credits: @musictwr

Tiger Sugar

Black sugar milk tea has been the talk of the town lately, and you need only look at the insane queues at tea shops such as Tiger Sugar for proof. Best known for their black sugar milk, Tiger Sugar is the pioneer of that tiger-stripe effect in brown sugar milk teas. The rich and sweet caramel is smeared on the sides of the cup, then the light milk tea is poured in, creating that Instagram-worthy effect.

Tiger Sugar, locations vary.


With over 2,000 stores around the world and sixty years history, TenRen is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known bubble tea destinations. The most traditional one out of the bunch, TenRen offers a wide variety of tea-based beverages for you to choose from, without compromising the tea quality.

TenRen’s Tea, locations vary.

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