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Where to Buy the Best Space Heaters in Hong Kong

The cold of winter is finally coming to Hong Kong next week, as an intense winter storm brings wind, rain, and lower temperatures to our city. Even if you’ve vowed to stay indoors all week, with temperatures dropping as low as 12 degrees, there’s no escaping the cold – especially since most Hong Kong buildings don’t have central heating. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to your teeth chattering all week long because luckily, all of the outlets listed below sell trusty space heaters that will keep you nice and toasty.

1. Fortress

You can find space heaters, electric heaters, and portable heaters in Fortress, which offers all the latest high-quality consumer electronics and home appliances you need. The store offers online shopping, and has over 80 brick and mortar outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, with friendly staff who will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you compare models, functions, and prices. The GOODWAY GH60202NR Ceramic Heater ($468) features an auto swing and detachable air filter, anti-frost design, thermostat control, and the best part is it barely makes any noise. Fortress also offers a warranty for $200 up, which covers repair services by the manufacturer or authorised repairers, among other services.

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Prices range from $349 to $3,880

2. Japan Home Centre

Japan Home Centre is the place to go for cheap household products. From household cleaning materials to plates, cups, and plastic containers, to blankets and pillows – whatever you need, they’ve got it. The store’s products are not always of the highest quality, but they are cheap and will get you by. While Japan Home Centre currently has no online shopping platform, it does have a whopping 270 outlets dotted around Hong Kong and Macau, where you can find a space heater that suits your needs, for an affordable price.

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3. HK TV Mall

HKTVmall is basically the eBay of Hong Kong, except it also has physical locations. Founded by Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV), this Hong Kong-based e-commerce company offers an ultimate online shopping experience on lifestyle items for all of its customers. As the largest 24-hour online shopping mall, it aims to be a one-stop shop platform for everyone, and even has an app available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Prices for heaters range from as low as $259, up to $3,850, and this Ceramic Heater by ecHome ($259) offers two different operation mode settings – high (1500W) and low (800W), a rotating feature, overheating protection, and more.

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4. Broadway

Broadway is one of Hong Kong’s largest and leading retail chain stores for electronics and electrical appliances. The mega retail chain store even offers computerised ordering services, 10-day replacement guarantee, prompt delivery, product warranty, and much more. Prices for space heaters range from between $338 and $3,880, with one of the more popular heaters being the Dyson AM09 Fan Heater ($3,880), which has strong heating and cooling power, features a new jet-flow control, and comes with a 24-month warranty.

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5. Park n Shop

Park n Shop is a leading supermarket which has over 340 stores in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China, and is well known for providing quality products. Its online shopping platform only offers the INNOTEC Miami Tower Ceramic Heater ($628), which has advanced ceramic heating technology, an LCD display with electronic control, timer control from half an hour up to a whole day, 90 degrees oscillation, and plenty of other impressive features. Head to some of the physical locations for a wider variety of space heaters.

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