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Video: The Wild Side of Hong Kong

The intensity of the bustling city, charming old villages, and diverse wildlife are just a few of the things that British filmmaker, Martin Williams, loves about Hong Kong. Combining some of the best drone video shots taken from his visits to lesser known parts of the city, he takes us on a scenic journey into the wild side of the 852.

Having lived in Hong Kong since early 1987, Williams has developed a real passion for the city’s wildlife and beautiful natural surroundings, which he wanted to show viewers in his stunning video.

“I wanted to showcase some of Hong Kong’s most fantastic scenery, some of which is right on our doorstep”, he tells Localiiz. “I hope this will encourage people to get out there and see it for themselves, and also boost support for protecting the countryside.”

Williams is a member of the Save Our Country Parks alliance and believes that Hong Kong’s country parks should be safeguarded from the city’s ever-growing development. “Not only are the parks home to a diverse array of wildlife, they are also important for our water supplies, flood and disease control, cultural benefits, and a whole host of other benefits to our ecosystem,” he explains.

Williams is currently working on more short films to promote Hong Kong’s country parks, and is due to release a book called The Best 25 Day Walks in Hong Kong in October this year. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and Instagram feed to stay up to date with all his wonderful work!

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