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VIDEO: The City That Never Sleeps

From touchdown to take off, a week in Hong Kong is guaranteed to present you with a roller-coaster ride of experiences you will never forget, and one adventurous couple has captured them all. With a camera in hand and his eyes wide open, Malaysian born videographer Kelvin Chong and his wife recently explored our dynamic city through a lens to bring us this brilliant video, The City That Never Sleeps.

“I wanted to capture as much of Hong Kong and the things that define this amazing place in my video,” he tells Localiiz. “You’ll see the horse races, the Chinese Orchestra, the nightlife in Yao Tsim Wong, the many skyscrapers and people, and of course food plays a big part.

“Hong Kong is truly a fascinating city and although this was my first trip there, it was never strange to me because I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas and series on TV. The moment I entered the city, everything seemed familiar to me – the buildings, the streets, public transport, road sign, policemen, etc. It was as if I had entered the movies or dramas. It’s the most dense and busiest city I have ever visited. The city is never short of any supply, whether it’s food, shopping, entertainment, or technology, it’s so convenient because everything is just so near and easy to get. It’s the city that never sleeps!”

And aren’t we lucky to live here?!

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