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VIDEO: Sunday Slowdown in Hong Kong

It’s been said time and time again that in Hong Kong life moves at a million miles per hour, but what if we could slow it down for a day, or rather a Sunday? How would the world around us look, and how would it make us feel? Maybe this new video from Manila born film maker Alric Mondragon will give us an idea.

Shot purely with his iPhone5s during a recent trip to the city, Sunday Slowdown in Hong Kong offers a whole new perspective on life as we know it.

“I wanted to do something completely different and thought of taking a slo-mo video to show people the ordinary aspects of life in Hong Kong,” Mondragon tells us. “Although I’ve visited Hong Kong a number of times, there’s still a lot of things to see here and slowing the movements and motions really gives you a chance to do that in this video.”

That’s all well and good…as long as you’re not in a hurry!

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