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We’ve explored Hong Kong through time lapses, but never before have we traveled it in hyper speed. Well now we can, thanks to Russian videographer Yuri Chernikov who decided to step it up a gear (or 10) with this amazing video.

“I wanted to visit Hong Kong for a long time and in February this year I finally made it. For me Hong Kong is an incredible combination of future and past, progress and traditions, technology, and nature,” he tells Localiiz. “My journey was calm and peaceful, but at the same time it was exciting and non-stop adventure, so I decided to make this crazy hyper-speed video.”

Using images taken from Google Street View, he takes us on a whirlwind tour of the city, moving at a million miles an hour as we travel from metropolis to mountain top on this roller coaster ride of a video.

“It took me two weeks to make it because I was making it frame by frame which took a long time. I visited many places – Sky 100, the peak, Big Buddha and Tai O village, Museum of Arts and Space Museum, Ocean Park. Usually I started my day with walking at the Avenue of Stars or Kowloon Park, having my breakfast there. And at the end of the day I went to Mong Kok walking and taking photographs. I used a script from GitHub to get images from Google Street View, and then Adobe After Effects for compilating and color correction and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.”

We’re loving the trippy effects in this video but it certainly left our heads in a spin. Brace yourself!

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