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VIDEO: Explore Hong Kong

From touchdown to take off, a little visit to Hong Kong is guaranteed to present you with an action-packed list of experiences to enjoy, and one adventurous man seems to have captured them all in his brilliant new video, Explore: Hong Kong.

With a Nikon D5300 camera in hand and his eyes wide open, Filipino videographer Paulo Alampay couldn’t wait to explore our dynamic city through a lens, stopping off at all the hot spots you’re likely to find in any guide book during his nine-day visit.

Maybe he should work for the Tourism Board!


If you enjoyed exploring the streets of Hong Kong in this stunning video, then you’re going to love seeing it from a totally different perspective.

Get above it all and take a flight over our city in this jaw-dropping timelapse, or soar above the beautiful natural landscapes of Hong Kong in this breathtaking video.

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