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VIDEO: Chopstick Challenge

Suck it, slurp it, twist it, twirl it, we all have our own special way of tackling a bowl of noodles. But whether you’ve mastered the skill of using chopsticks, or shamefully reach for the old folk and spoon, you’ll be amused by this cheeky little video created by 20-year-old creative media student Susam Sobotta.

Aptly named Chewing, the video explores Sobotta’s fascination with the cultural differences between East and West when it comes to feeding time, something she discovered after moving here from Germany to study at Hong Kong City University.

“People eat differently, they used different cutlery and unlike European people, aren’t trying to look good while they’re eating, but eat just for eating itself and they don’t care how anyone sees them,” she tells Localiiz. “At the beginning I needed to get used to that. But after a time I saw that it totally make sense to eat typical Chinese dishes with chopsticks. With this project I wanted to encourage people to ignore the prejudices they have and try to see the reasons behind different behaviour.”

That’s all very well, but how does the movie maker fare with a pair of chopsticks herself? “I always try and use them. I’ve learned how to since I came to Hong Kong, but to be honest I still have my problems from time to time and I’m not even close to being as good as Derek (in the video). But I will keep on trying. One tip that helped me was to keep the lower stick fixed with a strong hold and only move the upper stick. But that sounds easier than it actually is!”

Practice makes perfect. Keep the noodles coming!

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