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Video: A Stunning View of Hong Kong from Above

From towering skyscrapers and bustling shopping malls, to sandy beaches and lush green hills, Hong Kong really has it all – just take a look at this amazing video created by video production company ANYDOKO.

Based in Sydney and Hong Kong, ANYDOKO specialises in producing anything from TV commercials for big brands to online videos for social media. Tasked with the challenge of creating an epic clip for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, to showcase our vibrant city, the team set out with their drone to capture stunning footage of the 852 from above.

“People always think of the density of Hong Kong, so we definitely wanted to show that in our video. But we also wanted to show other sides of the city that you might not normally think about”, says Dean Vowles, content strategist of ANYDOKO. “The green mountains and spaces, the sports communities playing on the outdoor basketball and football courts, and the industrial shipping port side. There’s a lot more to this city than tall buildings and dim sum!”

“Making this video has magnified our love for the city”, he adds. “We think it’s a city that has the perfect mix of craziness, adventures, culture, deliciousness, hustle, outdoors — it’s just a heady mix of everything!”

We wholeheartedly agree!

Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing videos on ANYDOKO’s YouTube channel (we hear there’s a fresh batch coming our way).

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