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Video: A Journey Over Hong Kong’s Greener Pastures

Need a break from the concrete jungle that we call Hong Kong? Well, maybe this stunning new video created by Hong Kong-based filmmaker and director, Jimmy Lee, will inspire you to escape to the greener pastures of the New Territories.

As a full-time filmmaker and director who specialises in creating short films and TV commercials, Lee is an expert when it comes to sharing his take on Hong Kong’s local beauty, and this short clip is a much-needed reminder of the stunning natural landscapes that lay on our doorstep.

In the hope of capturing the breathtaking views and serene spirit of the New Territories, Lee spent the day riding around with former Hong Kong cyclist, Kenji Leung, to shoot beautiful footage of areas such as Sam Mun Tsai, Lam Tin, and Tai Mo Shan.

“Promoting the great sceneries of Hong Kong is really important, especially for those who’s never visited Hong Kong before,” Lee tells Localiiz. “Our city is not just a place with a concrete-packed skyline, but also somewhere with refreshing and breathtaking greenery.”

If you’re loving this video, be sure to check out more of Lee’s work on Vimeo and Facebook. Whether it’s an amazing clip of the Tuen Mun Pier, or a heart-wrenching 90s Hong Kong romance story, he’s covered it all.

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