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10% Off Valentine’s Day Wine Packages!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to break out a sexy bottle of wine and enjoy it with someone special. This year Wine Moments suggest skipping the over crowded restaurants and plan a romantic dinner (or a Netflix & chill date) with some exceptional wines. The following wine boxes, put together by Wine Moments,  are sure to impress and fit with any type of date you’re planning. Get something special for your partner in wine.

Netflix & Chill Wine Box: two people cuddled up on the couch ready to binge watch the day away. As soon as it is dark, cold and wet outside, you just want to spend the whole day on the couch under a cozy blanket. The best way to do that is with someone to cuddle, lots of snacks, and most importantly wine. We will help you with the right choice of drinks. Since the snack possibilities are endless, we thought it would be best to give a range of wines, which will pair with a type of movie or show, instead of giving out wine pairings for snacks. And as a Valentine’s Day special we have taken 10% off this box, let the binge watching begin. Price: $630 NOW $560



Dinner for Two Wine Box
Dinner with someone close to your heart is always good occasion to open a bottle of wine. Therefore, we have paired 3 wines that are perfect for a romantic dinner. With a sparkling wine to start, a bold red for the meal and a sweet white wine with dessert you can’t go wrong with this package. Price: $425 NOW : $360


Kinky Wine Wine Box
Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to break out some sexy bottles of wine and enjoy them with someone special. This box is full of seductively good wines that are sure spice things up and set the romantic mood. Just turn the lights down low, put some music on, open a bottle and let sexy time begin. Bow chicka wow wow. And this Valentine’s Day we are offering this sexy box at 10% OFF. Price:$650 NOW : $580

To find out more about Wine Moments, visit their website

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