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Typhoon Throwback: Footage from 1953 Hong Kong Storm

Had fun hanging out at home last week courtesy of Typhoon Kalmaegi? Us too! A morning in means extra time to browse the Internet aimlessly, and we stumbled upon a blast from the past that T8 lovers all across the harbour will love as our latest Video of the Week.

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Take a look at this awesome video of a typhoon from back in 1953 posted by YouTube user MichaelRogge, featuring the oh-so powerful wind and waves that recently visited us, plus the added bonus of seeing old Hong Kong’s flooded streets and a couple of vintage cars!


Hong Kongers sure were gutsy back then to stay outside during such an epic storm, but less so than this brave Hong Konger who took to our oceans during Typhoon Kalmaegi. While thrilling adventures can take place during epic T8 storms, Localiiz would like to remind all our fans to please stay indoors during a typhoon.

It’s clear from this video that so much in Hong Kong has changed, from its infrastructure to how the city copes with the Typhoons that strike the city every September. Technological advances like this new web app called Earth, tracks the world’s storms in a visually gorgeous and technologically savvy way. Below is a screenshot of the application tracking Typhoon Kalmaegi.

Be sure to check out MichaelRogge’s YouTube channel for a plethora of fantastic videos of Old Hong Kong!

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