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Photo courtesy of Gregory Cain.

Travel Photography Takes a Dive

We all fancy a break from time to time and luckily for us, Hong Kong is surrounded by beautiful countries that are only a few hours away by plane. We catch up with Hong Kong based travel photographer Gregory Cain who takes us on an underwater adventure in the stunning Philippines.

As an assignment photographer specialising in underwater work and also weddings, calling Hong Kong home base is absolutely amazing. From this bustling metropolitan city I have direct access to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, where I am able to make photographs that take your breath away. The last six months I have been on assignment in the Philippines traveling in and around the Central Vasayas. As a learned Spanish speaker I was pleased to find how many similarities there were between Spanish and the Filipino dialects. In no time at all I was able to use simple local words raising the eyebrows of Filipinos as I made a drastic effort to embrace their culture.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Cain.
Photo courtesy of Gregory Cain.

There are so many things to do in the Philippines and I barely scratched the surface in six months time. In that time I had the opportunity to make photographs of freediving, local spearfishermen, World War II wrecks, whale sharks and massive turtles. The Philippines and its crystal blue waters blessed me with some of the most amazing photographs I have ever taken it my life.

In that time I compiled such a profound body of work that I have decided I will do my first solo art show here in Hong Kong in 2015. It will be a tough decision selecting exactly which works I will exposé, but I can promise you that you will be left inspired to plan your next adventure. Next time you are planning a warm weather vacation be sure to consider the Philippines, as it is truly an underwater paradise.

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To see more photographs of underwater adventures and destination weddings you can follow Greg on instagram or visit his website.

Check out Greg’s underwater adventures in his video below.

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