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Top 4 Dance Classes for Kids

Has your little one got the moves like Jagger? Then why not help them nurture that talent and sign them up at one of Hong Kong’s top dance studios? From budding ballerinas to Irish leapers, our city’s dance scene has got all avenues covered, so whichever style your kids prefer, healthy bodies and happy faces are guaranteed.

1. The Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy

Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy

If you think ballet is just about pointy toes and pretty tutus, then think again. From co-ordination and concentration, to stamina and social skills, this style of dance aids all kinds of development during the most crucial years of your child’s life. The Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy welcomes boys and girls as young as four through their doors, introducing them to the basic concepts of this elegant dance. With a fully equipped studio, and a gleaming track record of past students winning places at top international dance schools, you can be sure that your little ones are in good hands. They’ll be leaping around like professional swans before you know it!

Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy, 1/F, KP Tower, 93 King’s Road, North Point, (+852) 2234 6317
Classes cost $960 – $3,000 per month

2. Cosmic Dance: Indian


What child could resist the lure of the vibrant colours and high-energy routines that Indian dance has to offer? Cosmic Dance invites little ones to master the sculpturesque poses of the classic Bharatanatyam dance style to the beats of modern, popular music. Originally performed in the beautiful temples of Southern India, Bharatanatyam is a truly unique genre, which is continuing to rise in popularity. This studio hosts one of the most diverse and multicultural dance groups in Hong Kong, bringing together children from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds to share their passion for Indian Classical Dance. Beginner and intermediate level classes for kids and teens are held on a weekly basis, and adult classes are available too – should Mum and Dad fancy channelling their inner-Bollywood!

Cosmic Dance, Ricky Dancing Studio, 1/F, 33-39 Austin Road, Jordan, (+852) 9744 9595
Classes cost around $150 per hour

3. Southern School of Dance: Tap


Got a budding Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers on your hands? Then Southern School of Dance is the perfect spot to put those tapping toes to good use. Tap dancing is the ultimate way for your kids to get to grips with rhythm, and it’s great for their posture too, with many moves requiring them to put their weight on the balls of their feet. Watch with pride as your child learns to pair their new skills with arm movements and exciting choreography. With metal taps on their toes and a free pass to make noise, the only problem might be getting the shoes off them once class is over!

Southern School of Dance, 29/F, Tower A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, (+852) 2555 6917
6A Shaw House , Shaw Studios, Clearwater Bay Road, Sai Kung, (+852) 2705 9538
Class fees vary from term to term depending on the number of lessons per term, but each class works out at $230 per lesson
(discounts are offered if a student attends more than one class per week)

4. O’Connor Barton Irish Dance

irish dance

If there’s one thing our little ones are never short of, it’s energy. This may not be ideal at 5am when you’ve scheduled a weekend lie-in, but it’s perfect for Irish dancing. Not only will they benefit physically from all that endless flicking, kicking, and leaping, they will also learn the value of teamwork, as they bond with their team mates and learn to move as one. O’Connor Barton Irish Dance provides plenty of opportunities for your budding Irish performers to take to the stage and show off their moves. Dancers donning the decadent costumes of the Emerald Isle have delighted crowds at Picnic in the Park, international dance festivals, and (of course) St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

O’Connor Barton Irish Dance, 111A Ta Ho Tun Road, Sai Kung, (+852) 6779 9743
Classes cost $160 per hour

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