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To Be or Not to Be?…Part of Hong Kong’s First Shakespearean Festival

January 3rd 2014

Love Shakespeare, adore the great outdoors and crave the spotlight? Prove the Bard isn’t hard and find your time to shine at auditions for Hong Kong’s newest open-air theatre festival.

Whether you’re an established actor, part of an amateur theatre group or you’ve just always fancied yourself as a bit of a thespian, Shakespeare in the Port could be the perfect outlet for your talents. The brand new festival, which is set to celebrate 450 years since the playwright’s birth between April 17th and May 4th this year, is seeking local actors to make the magic happen.

Inspired by the various Shakespeare in the Park events that celebrate Will’s work in city’s all across the globe, the aptly-named Shakespeare in the Port festival will see four plays performed a total of 28 times – morning, noon and night – across 18 days at Cyberport this spring. The works chosen are a Comedy of Errors (seeking bilingual actors competent in any two languages), Julius Ceaser (actors with dancing ability preferred), The Taming of the Shrew, and a children’s adaption, Living Statues: Shakespeare Through Fashion.

Drama kings and queens of all variety are asked to prepare a one-minute Shakespeare monologue, not necessarily from the plays mentioned above, while those hoping for a part in Julius Ceaser should also come comfortably dressed as there will be a short dance element involved. Auditions will be held at the Cyberport Podium on January 5th (3pm – 6pm), January 6th (7pm – 9pm) and January 12th (1pm -3pm). YouTube auditions will also be accepted via email.

Speaking about the family-friendly theatre marathon that’s expected to attract around 5,000 visitors, artistic director Meaghan McGurgan said, “It’s a pretty ambitious event. We are planning on staging a festival similar to those you see in any other world city, but of course with a local Hong Kong twist. All the artists performing will be from Hong Kong. We’re all about supporting and promoting local artists over big, fancy tours from overseas.”

To try your hand at threading the boards, email Meaghan or send a message via the Facebook event page and book yourself a slot at the auditions. Professional designers and technicians can also submit their CVs to Meaghan for paid positions.

If you’d rather just sit back and enjoy the show however, tickets are now on sale. You can attend all 18 days of performances for the pre-sale price of HK$1,000, which will increase to the full price of HK$2,000 after Chinese New Year. Day passes can be purchased on the door for HK$300 (Saturday and Sunday) and HK$150 on weekdays. All children under 12 can attend free with the purchase of an adult ticket.

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