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Think Pink – Help Save Hong Kong’s Dolphins from Extinction


Although it looks simply beautiful, there’s a serious message behind this piece of Hong Kong beach art. On April 5th 2014, environmental groups Ark Eden, The Naked Island Project and Living Islands Movement (LIM) joined together to create an ocean memorial. In a protest against the Shek Kwu Chau Mega Incinerator, the team etched each of the 98 dolphins Hong Kong has lost since 2003 into the sand of Lower Cheung Sha beach.

With this striking image, the group hopes to raise awareness and encourage the public to join their Living Islands Movement’s Anti-Incinerator Campaign by emailing Hong Kong’s Public Works Sub-Committee. The committee is due to vote on whether to supply funding for the Shek Kwu Chau Mega Incinerator, which will be built on an artificial island in the middle of the pink dolphin and finless porpoise habitat if plans go ahead.

As well as exposing the already-dwindling pink dolphin population to more risk, the incinerator, touted by the Environmental Bureau, will also harm air quality, human health and discourage waste reduction, according to the Living Islands Movement.

To lend your voice to the campaign and help save the dolphins and Hong Kong’s fragile ecosystem, click here for tips on how to craft your email and the address to send it to. Get writing right away!

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