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The Pinnacle of PMQ: Top Five Designers to Sniff Out at Hong Kong’s Coolest Market

June 17th 2014

PMQ (Police Married Quarters), sandwiched between Hollywood Road and Staunton Street, is probably the hottest hangout in Soho right now, with a buzzing weekend night market and more than a hundred stores all under one roof. If you’re short for time or want some pointers of where to start, let our new Fashion Blogger Karen Chiang rummage through the myriad offerings to bring you her pick of the best independent designers at PMQ.

Aly & Rachelle – Staunton / 4F / S411

Headed by Christine Lam, this local label boasts chic and wearable pieces, perfect for both the office and casual days out. Before PMQ, Aly & Rachelle could only be found online and at a couple of local stockists, but I’m now expecting event greater things to come from their fully-fledged flagship store. Clean, wearable but still very feminine, this one the ladies will love.

Flying Zacchinis – Hollywood / 3F / H314

And here’s something for the gentlemen! Flying Zacchinis has a collection of beautifully crafted leather accessories that are both practical and stylish. Take your pick from passport cases, shoulder bags, watches and more inspired by designer George Migliorelli’s very own motorbike diaries. This little treasure trove is always on hand to help the man about town add that essential sense of edge and timeless style to everyday items.

Blksheep Empire Footwear – Staunton / 2F / S209

If you love a good pair of Oxfords or leather shoes, then you’re in for a treat at Blksheep Empire. Work shoes don’t have to be boring, and Aussie-born, Hong Kong-based designer Jen Webb is here to prove it! From special textured leather to unique prints and fabrics, these designs ensure your trusty smarts don’t have to live in the shadow of your dancing shoes.

FABcessories – Hollywood / 3F / H312

From pop-up stalls at handicraft fairs to finally having their own store, FABcessories and its designer Liyan Tai have come a long way. I’ve personally been a die-hard fan since I spotted their glossy and loud accessories at the JCCAC Fair, and I’m sure you’ll become a devoted convert too once you see their clever and cute acrylic designs. Psst! Be sure to keep an eye out for their workshops, where you can fashion your own awesome accessories!

Harrison Wong – Staunton / 2F / S206

After his debut in 1996, designer Harrison Wong has launched successful collections all over the world. Guys, time to amp up your style with some truly unique fashion pieces. After checking out this label, you’ll probably agree that leather pants and motorbike jackets can indeed be modern and classy!

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the studios and shops in PMQ, so if you’re not convinced yet, head on over to the website to browse all the other designers and labels available. Needless to say, hipsters, fashionistas and foodies alike should be sure to swing by when next in the mood for a spree… You can thank me later!

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