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INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Junk Boat

As the Aqua Luna dons her beautiful golden sails this week in celebration of the Aqua Restaurant Group’s 15th birthday, we found ourselves asking, how much do we really know about Hong Kong’s iconic junk boat?

Luckily for us, global travel blog HotelClub has released this fabulous new infographic exploring the junk’s history, legacy and status, so here is everything you need to know about those iconic red sails.

This ancient Chinese sailing vessel can be traced all the way back to the Han Dynasty when junks were by far the largest sailing vessels out there, right up to present day where junk boats have made a name for themselves in Hong Kong’s tourist industry. Dive in to discover more!


Find out more! We love a good infographic, why not check out HotelClub’s Guide to the History of Hong Kong Cinema, and don’t miss your chance to sail the golden sailed Aqua Luna for FREE.

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