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Eating Egg Tart

The First Time

There’s nothing quite like your first time in Hong Kong. The new sights, sounds, tastes, and buzz of our city create memories you’ll never forget, and they certainly did for this cute couple from South Korea who captured them during their five-day adventure in Hong Kong. Filmed by Jihye Jeon using a Canon 550d. T2i, the video features all the things we love about the city, as the curious pair eat, drink, and sail their way through it.

“This was our first time in Hong Kong and we think it is such an amazing city,” Jeon tells Localiiz. “What I love most of all is the weather. It’s freezing cold in Korea, so it was nice to run away from that. Oh, and the wonton noodles in Soho were great. I would love to return to Hong Kong in the future!”

Do you remember your first time?

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