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5 Totally Pawsome Home Gadgets and Gizmos for Your Pet

With the impressive advancement of technology in recent years, it’s no surprise that product designers have come up with some cool home gadgets and gizmos to make life a little easier and more enjoyable for our pets. Here are a few of our favourites that are available to buy in Hong Kong, for those of you who happen to be a technically inclined pet owner.

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1. Smart Pet Feeder

Whether you need to find a way of controlling the amount of food your pet consumes, or just need a device to ensure that your pet gets fed on time for those last-minute errands after work, Fortress offers both a SmartBowl ($768), with an integrated electronic scale, and an automated Smart Pet Feeder ($1,150) to feed your fur baby with the touch of a button. But if you don’t need something that fancy and are just looking for something to stop your pet from guzzling their food down before you have even finished serving their meal, you can find a range of “fun feeders” (priced from $118 to 228) available to buy at Whiskers N Paws.

2. Drinking Fountain

Whether you’re after an anti-bacterial bowl to offer a cleaner alternative to your dog’s watering bowl, or you just fancy a more sophisticated system with multiple-stage filtration systems that help to remove hair, impurities, chlorine, and odour-causing particles from your water, we’ve found the solution. Running water bowls can reduce your pets’ risk of developing an illness or an adverse reaction, and can be found at Whiskers N Paws or Fortress ranging from between $140 and $798.

3. Interactive Pet Camera 

Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to while you are away? Well now you can actually keep tabs on them with a range of interactive cameras on the market that let you monitor, talk, and entertain your pets on the go. With some featuring built-in microphones and speakers, a camera to capture every precious moment and share photos instantly on social media, games, and even a treat dispenser like the PetCube Bite (pictured above), owners can train their pets remotely for good behaviour right away. Now there’s a good boy! Keeping a watchful eye on your pets while you’re away does come at a hefty price, however, with the nifty gadget setting you back a whopping $2,280. Fortress, on the other hand, offers different brands and models starting from a more affordable $1,480, so it’s well worth checking this out if you’re keen.

4. Activity Tracker 

We’ve all heard of the Fitbit and activity trackers for people, but what about our canine pals? Whether you’ve fed little Fido one too many treats and now need to help him lose a few pounds, or you’re just curious about how much exercise your pet is getting, Fortress offers a variety of trackers (ranging from $268 to $388) to help you monitor each of your pet’s activity levels. The Go Smart Pet Leash (pictured above) can be found in Fortress for just $388. It can record each pet’s activity, depending on the leash plugged into the handle, and will even vibrate to alert you of any incoming calls.

5. Relaxation System

Perhaps activity isn’t a problem for your pets, and instead you need something to help calm them down or soothe their anxiety. Whiskers n Paws offer a wireless device called the RelaxoPet ($880) which was developed after a five-year research project in collaboration with veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners. The device offers unconscious deep relaxation for a variety of animal groups. If you aren’t able to get your hands on one though, don’t sweat it, because you may also find a Thundershirt Sport jacket on offer for just $380 at Whiskers n Paws. This thick, padded jacket is perfect for hugging and calming your pet during moments of stress or anxiety, such as thunderstorms and those pesky typhoons.

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